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1408+7 800 080 18 90


+7 (727) 244 55 66

The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Head Office of the Fund

 Managing director - Nurlan S. Akshanov

Marketing & International Cooperation Department

Director of the Department - Zaure S. Masgutova

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1901)

Security Department

Director of Security Department - Nariman S. Ipmagambetov

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext.1201)

Department of Accounting and Reporting

Кусайынова Айгуль КудайбергеновнаDirector of the Department - Aygul K. Kusayinova

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1301)

Department of Budget Planning

Адилбекова Куралай КалыкжановнаDirector of the Department -  Kuralai K. Adilbekova

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1401)

Department of informational technologies

Козлов Илья АлександровичDirector of the Department - Il'ya A. Kozlov

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1601)

Department of Subsidization  

Director of the Department -  Ruslan K. Tyulegenov

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 2401)

Department of Corporate Development and New Programs

Director of the Department -  Maiya S. Kaigorodtseva

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 1701)

Monitoring Department

Сейтказиева Жанар Сембаевна Director of the Department -  Zhanar S. Seyitkazieva

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 1801)

Troubled assets work Department

Омаров Рахимжан МолдагалиевичDirector of the Department -  Rakhimzhan M. Omarov

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 2801)

Legal Department

Director of the Department -  Manshuk D. Amreeva

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 2501)

Regional branches coordinating Department

Managing director - director of the Department -  Samat M. Akhilbekov

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1021)

Informational-analytical Department

Абдибеков Ермек НурболовичDirector of the Department -  Ermek N. Abdibekov

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1031)

Department for Cooperation with government agencies

Director of the Department -   Kurbanali Ya. Yahiyaev

Т.: 244-55-66 (2101)

Training and Service Support Department

Director of the Department -  Korlan R. Musina

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 2001)

Human resources management Department

Director of the Department -  Adilbek I. Aytkulov

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 2701)

Guarantee Department

Director of the Department -  Nurym S. Musayev

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 1501)

Risk Management Department

Director of the Department -  Rauan O. Kumash

Tel.:244-55-66 (ext. 2301)

Department of Program Loans

Director of the Department - Almas K. Tastanov

Tel.: 244-55-66 (ext. 2201)