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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The first Entrepreneurs Service Center opened in Almaty

October 1, 2012 4:44 pm

Almaty, October 1, 2012 – The first Entrepreneurs Service Center (ESC) in Kazakhstan was opened in Almaty. From now, small and medium business owners can obtain all related business development services through centralized one stop shops.

"Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" JSC has developed a Program for the development of competencies of entrepreneurs, the Program is implemented at three levels: regional centers, monotowns and remote areas of the country.

The results of the Fund "Damu’s" annual opinion surveys of SMEs showed that there remains an insufficient level of business support infrastructure development. There is a low penetration in the regions and remote areas of quality consulting services for the opening, running a business and effective management of entrepreneurial activity.

Furthermore, the dispersion of service companies is a hindrance for entrepreneurs who spend time and money on consultations in different parts of the city.

- Today we are opening the ESC in Almaty , subsequently , such centers will start operating in all regional centers of the country - said the Chairwoman of the Board of the " Entrepreneurship Development Fund" Damu " JSC Lyazzat Ibragimova. - The main task of the ESC - is to create favorable conditions for effective development and increasing competitiveness of Kazakhstani business by providing integrated support.

In the initial implementation phase of the Program mobile ESCs will service only regional centers of five regions of the country - Karaganda , Pavlodar, Almaty , Kostanai and South Kazakhstan regions . 12 more stationary ESCs will be opened in 12 monotowns , out of 27 existing in the country. In case of successful implementation of the project , mobile and stationary ESCs will be introduced to other settlements of Kazakhstan . It is planned that in 2013, ESCs will operate in all regional centers of Kazakhstan.

ESC is located at:
111 Gogol st. , Almaty (Fund "Damu " building)
Tel. : +7 727 244 55 66 (call - centre)

"Entrepreneurship Development Fund " Damu" JSC - is the main operator and integrator of business support measures in Kazakhstan . The Programs of the Fund are implemented in three main areas : increasing the volume and improving access to finance for entrepreneurs; " Business Road Map-2020" Program , aimed at diversifying entrepreneurial sector and its industrial and innovative development ; programs on improving professionalism of SMEs through training of beginning entrepreneurs and top managers of SMEs, educational programs abroad , service and support information.

Fund "Damu" has 16 regional affiliates in all 14 regions and the cities of Astana and Almaty. To date, Fund " Damu" has fulfilled more than 25 programs on financial and informational consultancy of SME’s.

Additional information:

The main purpose of mobile and stationary ESCs is an expansion of consulting services for SME’s at the communities with low level of coverage, creation of an environment for favorable development of business.

ESCs will provide consulting services that are most demanded by business at one place. The list of services provided by ESCs free-of-charge includes:

  • Services on opening and supporting of business (legal services , accounting and tax accounting, recruitment services);
  • Clarification of the conditions for participation in state programs on SME support;
  • Providing information on lending opportunities for business , including acquisition of equipment and machinery through leasing, subsequent assistance in preparation of the necessary documents;
  • Information and education services as well as a provision of sample business plans.

ESC experts will go to the district centers of the region on a regular basis in order to visit each district center- at least 2 times a month. Field visits will be conducted by mobile platforms ( specially equipped vehicles for transportation of specialists with the relevant packages of information and handouts ). Mobile ESCs will operate on the basis of the regional branches of the Fund "Damu" , which are entrusted to manage the activity of ESCs .

ESC will operate in all regional branches of the Fund "Damu” combining the existing ESCs of the Fund and other business support institutions. Fund " Damu" will coordinate and monitor their performance and quality of services provided to SME’s .

ESCs will train beginning and existing entrepreneurs on the basics of entrepreneurship in all sectors of economy, develop and accompany investment and business projects, conduct examination and assessment of their effectiveness These centers can provide information on state support measures for SMEs, including financial instruments implemented via the Fund “Damu”. ESCs will help the entrepreneur to choose the right products offered by financial institutions. ESCs will also provide support in ​​corporate governance , improvement of business processes of Kazakhstani companies. The majority of services provided by ESCs will be free of charge .

Information : Initially services at ESCs will be provided by three service companies-winners of the tender held by the Almaty City Administration :

1." KazBusinessConsulting" LLP

Services related to public procurement of national companies and of subsoil users , services in marketing , consulting and full support of process of introduction of management systems;

2." Almaty Academy of Professional Accountants «Paritet» LLP

Services on customs procedures , accounting and tax reporting , statistical reporting ;

3."Legal Company «Lex Partner Almaty» LLC

Legal services, information technology services.