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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The first "leasing project"

October 29, 2012 6:04 pm

Regional Coordinating Council for Enterprise Development has approved 6 projects on October 25 in Kyzylorda.

Six small and medium-sized businesses of Kyzylorda region received support from the state as part of "Business Road Map-2020" Program in the form of interest rate subsidizing; one entrepreneur has received support under the guarantee.

List of industries in which projects were presented of businessmen is extensive: cargo and passenger transportation, production of ice cream, and pre-school education.

Three projects of entrepreneurs are related to acquisition of vehicles and special machinery. Special machinery with using an instrument of interest rate subsidizing for leasing acquires "Nurlan Company" Ltd. for the sum of $ 32 mln. It should be noted that this is the first "lease" project in the Kyzylorda region, which is subsidized by the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program. The company will receive support in the form of interest rate subsidizing on financial leasing contract at the 14% interest rate annually , 7%of which is compensated by the state.

Thanks to the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program "Photon" LLC acquires 6 tractors for the sum of $ 74 mln. SP "Akhmetov AA" using the credit funds acquires PAZ bus and intends to complete the construction of the bus station in the village Inkardariya.

SP "Sayligaraev A." produces confectionery products. Entrepreneur, using the support of the state, has decided to start producing ice cream. So,he intends to purchase facilities using the credit for 29,6 million tenge. The loan will be subsidized by "BRM-2020" Program.

"Aktogai" LLC refinances debt on loans taken earlier in "Bank Center Credit" for the purchase of 10 vehicles. Loan balance, which will be subsidized under the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program, is 234.04 million tenge.

The main activity of SP «Mahatova A.» is fuel sales and renting premises. Using credit funds on a new project entrepreneur plans to build a kindergarten, which will be located in Zhalagash area of Kyzylorda region. Kindergarten is designed for 90 people, three groups of 30 children and 18 jobs will be created. Under the "BRM-2020" the company will get a support in the form of interest rate subsidizing and loan guarantees of "BTA Bank" JSC in the amount of 15 million tenge on 14%interest rate annually, 7% of which is compensated by the state, and the rest is paid by the entrepreneur. The required amount of the guarantee is 50% of the loan amount.

Enterprises that have received support under the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program plan not only to maintain the current, but also to create 40 new jobs.
86 projects in total was approved to subsidize interest rates in Kyzylorda region today as part of the 1st direction of the Program.