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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Another innovative enterprise was financed under "BRM - 2020" Program

November 26, 2012 5:20 pm

On November 23, the grand opening of "Kaztehfiltr" plant was held in Zhezkazgan. It is a plant for production of filters. The project was funded by the "CenterCredit Bank" and entered into the state program "Business Roadmap - 2020".

"Kaztehfiltr" Ltd., which is a part of a consortium of GRP-group, will produce products, which have high and constant demand - air, fuel and oil filters for cars, trucks , buses, and various special techniques. Capacity of the plant is 150 thousand filters per year.

- This project, which is unique in the country, has been implemented under the " Business Roadmap -2020" Program on the first direction "Support of new business initiatives ", - said the director of the branch of "Bank CenterCredit" Rakysh Mussina.
"Support of new business initiatives " is the direction which "CenterCredit Bank" is developing most actively. In general, during the BCC cooperation with the " Damu" Fund 249 projects totaling more than 79.4 billion tenge was funded under the " BRM-2020" Program. It is almost one-fifth of the total amount of the projects in the country financed under the program.

Also 32 projects totaling 2.7 billion tenge was funded under the first direction of the program in Karaganda region. Mrs. Mussina led the data: the amount of subsidies in Karaganda region totaled 303,494,447 tenge. Facts of new plants commissioning shows the success of these programs. "Kaztehfiltr" Ltd. from Zhezkazgan is also in that list.

- Entry into the Industrialization Map and receiving state support under the "BRM-2020" Program was a great help for us - said the general director of the Consortium «GRP Group», Waldemar Podlih - I think, for many other business ideas that have received such a serious government support through "Damu" Fund and its partner banks it was a real help too, like it was for us. When I started the business in 1992 , the banks were impotent and could not raise such serious projects. Today, through to the " BRM -2020 " Program it is possible to do a lot. In addition, rates subsidizing is a significant reduction in the debt burden for business. Thus, loan subsidized by 7% actually provided us with 3% annually. And it is for five years - with the annual vacation. It allowed us not only to solve all the organizational issues and to launch the company , but subsequently increase the customer base.

- Another positive side of public-private partnership is that it allows us to develop medium and large business , major infrastructure projects and to solve strategic tasks - continues the theme of the state support of business in Kazakhstan Waldemar Podlih. - In Kazakhstan, through programs and development institutions such as "Damu" Fund , it became possible to build medium enterprises focused on producing import-substituting products . As for our group , which includes several companies , in total, we employ about 1,800 people. Behind each of them - are families and their welfare. And for the economy it is contributions to the budget. For example, "Kaztehfiltr" Ltd. itself will allocate 160 million tenge a year to the budget.

It is also important that the experience of partnership of enterprises with the bank allows it to develop and standartize new products. So, continuing to improve the range of services through partnership with "Damu " Fund on the " Business Roadmap " BCC recently introduced a new product DAMU StartUp, oriented on entrepreneurs who start a business from scratch . We do not just attract business to participate in programs ; we also offer full banking products on favorable terms , stressed in BCC. DAMU StartUp - it is the fourth product in this range of the bank. Domestic business es have already evaluated DAMU Garant, DAMU Business and DAMU Export.