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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The milestone is reached

November 20, 2012 6:51 pm

One hundred projects have received subsidies in the Almaty region under the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program. Anniversary, one hundredth project was the construction of a greenhouse complex in the Ili region, which is made by «LST market» Ltd. The project is being implemented "from scratch". Sberbank of Russia issued a loan on 228 million tenge at 12 percent, 7 of which will subsidize "Damu" Fund. Commissioning of the complex will create more than 20 jobs.

As general manager of "Damu" Fund regional affiliate Dauren Myrzatayev said - it is a mistake to think that the state program is designed for large companies with considerable staff of employees and significant numbers. We work with companies that have different legal organizational forms - SP, Ltd., PF, etc. The smallest loan that is subsidized by the state in our region was only one and a half million tenge.

In general, in Almaty region the structure of finance industries under the "Business Roadmap-2020" Program defines the leading position of the manufacturing industry - 66%. Transport and storage are life "arteries" of the business, account for 18%. Considering agricultural focus of the region's economy development, agriculture logically takes weighty position in the structure of concessional lending - 13%. With concessional financing farmers build greenhouses, farms, poultry and vegetable stores, acquire equipment and mini-plant for processing of milk, fruit and vegetables, upgrade bakeries. Tourism represented by seven projects for the total amount 619 million tenge, which is about 1% of the funding for the program. Approximately there are similar numbers of different services such as education, health, sports, repair, including cars.

Government support in the form of subsidizing leases becomes more popular. Six Zhetysu companies were approved by Coordinating Board, and, by analogy with the credit will receive a 7% interest rate subsidizing for the acquisition of vehicles and equipment. Should not be forgotten about providing guarantee in case of a lack of collateral, as of today in the region 470 million tenge is guaranteed by the "Damu" Fund for three projects.
Fund's activities are not limited to subsidizing and guaranteeing. A number of forms of non-financial support are implemented in the region: consulting, training at different levels from start-ups with "Business Advisor" to Nazarbayev University, and training abroad. Business Support Center is established, an advocacy and advisory work is conducted on ongoing basis.