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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Grants for business development were awarded to entrepreneurs with disabilities in Petropavlovsk

December 6, 2012 6:56 pm

On December 5, the winners of the second round of "Zhuldizdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" project were defined in Petropavlovsk of North Kazakhstan region. This project is implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" and by the corporate charity fund of Kazkommertsbank "Kus Joly" in support of business ideas among people with disabilities.

The aim of "Zhuldizdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" project is to support the desire of people with disabilities in overcoming social inequalities through entrepreneurship by providing grants for targeted development of their business ideas.

The winners of the second round of the competition and the owners of grants of 100 thousand tenge were: Yuri Moskalenko from Petropavlovsk, 1st group disability, who has limitations of movement of the musculoskeletal system, Marat Nurkin resident of Petropavlovsk, 1st group disability with disease of cerebral palsy ; Alexey Pshentsov, Petropavlovsk, 2nd group disability; Berik Bayzhanov also from Petropavlovsk, 1st group disability, cerebral palsy.

A 35 -year-old Yuri Moskalenko has "golden hands", he cleverly took woodcarvings, makes jewelry boxes and frames, also versed in auto repair. With the receipt of the grant and the purchase of necessary tools, Yuri decided to open a mini- station for scooters and motorcycles repair. Today there are no such workshops in Petropavlovsk. Therefore, he believes that he will successfully take this niche.

"This project - is a chance for me, perhaps the only one to start a new life. I want to work, to help people and be helpful. I want to make my parents proud of me !"- s incerely shared Yuri.

Marat Nurkin is 42 years old. Due to his illness, he has to walk with crutches. He has received lower secondary education, and then graduated from Polytechnic College. He worked as a dispatcher at the farm, and then was engaged in establishing external coatings of buildings and structures.

During the recent years, due to his deterioration of the health, it became difficult to engage in such activities. After receiving the grant Marat will provide computer services, despite the condition and peculiarities of his health. He has only 1 working hand - just right one. Notebook and printer were purchased for the grant money for Marat.

Alexei Pshentsov is 23 years old. Six years ago, doctors made a diagnosis - severe aplastic anemia and indicated the 2nd group disability. He had to leave classes at the university in order to educate himself at home because of his illness.

The idea of creating his own business and submission of application for the grant came to Alexei when he decided to take on responsibility for the continuation of a family business related to the provision of services for freight. Using the funds provided by the grant, Alexey completely replaced worn tires on his KAMAZ.

"Now the truck is on the move, the family business continues, and I can deal with freight, drove the car for the harvest, which will allow me to give up the state disability benefits" - shared his plans Alexey.

Berik Baizhanov is also 23 years old. Despite the difficulties with movement, he received his secondary education at a boarding school for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. After 11th grade he entered for a grant to the North Kazakhstan State University with a degree of musician and teacher. Now he is on 4 course.

Later Berik plans to work according to his specialty, but for now he needs a job with a real income. At the boarding school he learned to sew and under the "Zhuldizdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" project decided to apply for the sewing floor blankets in national style ( korpe ) and pillows for the sofa. The idea to work exactly in this business came to Berik while looking at work of his mother - a teacher of drawing and work. For grant funds were acquired 2 new sewing machines, ironing board and iron. It will help Berik and his mom to save time and increase the volume of orders of family business.

The "Zhuldizdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" project is a competition. Its goal - is to support beginning entrepreneurs, whose topical and interesting business ideas have a chance of going on, and provide disabled person material stability and help to create new jobs for people with disabilities, it is intended to be useful to others.

Project participants - are people with disabilities who want to start or continue to improve their business.
Awarding was held at Petropavlovsk, st. Internatsionalnaya, house 45, in the building of Petropavlovsk affiliate of "Kazkommertsbank" JSC.



The project of Corporate Charity Foundation "Kus Joly" "Zhuldizdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" implemented starting from 2005. Since 2012, Entrepreneurship Development Fund " Damu" with the program "Damu- Komek." has become a partner of the project. This year, the competitive project " Zhuldyzdarga kara" - "Look at the stars" is implemented in 16 regions of Kazakhstan and is intended to support people with disabilities, but with an active lifestyle.

Program of non-financial support to entrepreneurs with disabilities "Damu- Komek " developed by "Entrepreneurship Development Fund " Damu" JSC, is a logical extension of the activities of the development strategy of Fund "Damu" for 2009-2013.

Under this program Fund "Damu" acts as a link between the existing and beginning entrepreneurs with disabilities experiencing problems when conducting or starting their own businesses, and organizations ( including individuals), who have a real ability to solve problems of the disabled people with entrepreneurial initiative.