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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The second press-tour on "BRM 2020" was held in Aktobe region

December 10, 2012 6:14 pm

On December 7 Aktobe Regional affiliate of "Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" organized the second press tour to objects of «Business Roadmap 2020» Program.

"Business Roadmap 2020" Program provides a unique system of business support including tools of financial and nonfinancial government support. Entrepreneurs, who are expanding their business or opening the new one, can get interest rate subsidy on the loan ( including lease transactions), partial guarantee on the loan, conduct engineering communications, educational course paid by the program, and even get an internship abroad on a similar enterprise.

The first object of the press tour was the production of plastic bags "Polivest " Ltd. Since 2005 "POLIVEST" Ltd. has been manufacturing plastic products. Since 2008, the main activity was the production of plastic products - plastic bags such as " singlet", filling bags in rolls, bags for garbage packing of different sizes, plastic pellicle and etc. The company is the only manufacturer of this product in West Kazakhstan.

In 2008 the company acquired line for the production of plastic bags on credit on the standard at that time 23% of interest rate per year.

In 2010, management of the company decided to expand production, and thanks to Financing Program of leasing transactions of Fund "Damu" through " Temirleasing " JSC was acquired production line for plastic bags. Lease amount amounted to 73 mln at 8% per year. Thanks to this program, company was able to increase the stock of machines and thus improve the performance of up to 50 tons of finished products per month. Currently credit was subsidized, thus 7% subsidized by the state, entrepreneur pays the difference in the amount of 1%.

Market of polyethylene production goes on, there are always new products. On the market of West Kazakhstan virtually all types of packages are in demand. There are bags with reinforced and loop handle, bags of "singlet" type, packaging bags, garbage packaging sacks and other.

In 2012, Ltd. addressed again to the " Temirleasing " JSC and Fund "Damu" for the purpose of modernization and expansion of production. Lease amount was 71 million tenge at 14% per year. The agreement was signed at the end of February 2012. In August 2012 that loan was subsidized, i.e. 7% subsidized by the state, 7 % of the loan pays the entrepreneur.

Thanks to the support of Fund "Damu" the company has increased the production output from 40 to 70 tons (production capacity - up to 100 tons per month) and thus increased the number of jobs.

- Means released in the process of subsidizing by Fund "Damu" we were able to send to purchase of raw materials, which are purchased in Europe, Korea, and Russia. We are very pleased that, like other companies, we have become members of the " Business Roadmap -2020 " Program, and even now in crisis conditions we can develop successfully, - says CEO of " Polivest " Ltd. Baurzhan Zhusupov.

After visiting the "Polivest" Ltd., participants of the tour went to the mini-workshop, for the production of smoked meat delicacy "kazi" of an individual entrepreneur Danat Shurahanov.

Danath Shurahanov is one of those entrepreneurs who have successfully took advantage of the " Business Roadmap 2020" Program.

In 2011, he became the first Aktobe entrepreneur who went on foreign internship to Germany under the " Business Communication " Project. In 2012, he was the first among the new entrepreneurs of the region who received express guarantee on loan and interest rate subsidies.

SP " Shurahanov D.K. " was founded in August 2011. The main activity is the production of national products from the meat by smoking. The first stage includes production of one type of product - smoked " kazi " " Sarzhaylau."

The total cost of the mini- workshop is more than 40 million tenge, including more than 50 percent of them are their own funds and 19.6 million tenge - borrowed money. 6.2 million tenge of it can get interest rate subsidy under the " Business Roadmap 2020" Program : 4.3 million tenge were used to acquire "Gazelle" for transportation of finished products, 1.9 million tenge - to replenish working capital. Size of guarantees is 13.7 million tenge, with 70% of the loan guaranteed by the State (express warranty for beginning entrepreneurs ).

High-tech equipment of the DRPE Ltd. "Initiative" (Russia) and ancillary equipment of " Climate Engineering " Ltd. were used in the production of smoked kazi.

Next object of visit was "Star Time" Ltd. - a workshop for the production of plastic windows and products made of PVC and Aluminium.

In 2006, "Star Time" Ltd. received its first loan from the " Damu" Fund for opening shop for production plastic windows. That time the production was in a small rented room.

Over the years the company has expanded. Today "Star Time" has its own production shops, equipped with everything necessary.

Director of "Star Time" Ltd. Askar Bulatov also became a member of the " Business Communication " project, and went in 2012 for an internship in Germany.

In 2012, Ltd. has become a participant of the " Business Roadmap 2020" Program, by acqiring, automated equipment and parts for the shop for production of plastic windows for a loan with interest rate subsidies. Project cost was $ 30 million tenge.

According to the director of the company, Askar Bulatov due to the new equipment, which has no analogues in West Kazakhstan, has been achieved automation of production; productivity increased almost 6 times, reduced production costs and improved quality.

Previously, with the old machines we produced 20-25 windows per shift, now the new equipment allows producing up to 120 boxes per shift. Earlier in such activities, we employed 5 people, now, in spite of the increase in productivity, here can operate three men, two of the liberated workers were sent to another department - said the director.

The new production uses, German KBE profile which is more qualitative compared to the Russian, but the cost of production remained at the same level.

The main directions of the company are: sales and installation of various types of automatic gates, production and sale of roller shutters, manufacture and installation of aluminum constructions : stained glass windows, office partitions, doors, balconies, implementation and installation of plastic windows, etc.

Constant customers are major companies, second tier banks and government institutions.



Since the launch of the "Business Roadmap 2020" Program (from 2010) 161 projects of local entrepreneurs totaling 24.1 billion tenge, received state support in Aktobe region. Also 161 subsidy contract and 16 guarantee contracts were signed with entrepreneurs.

During 11 months of 2012 92 projects of Aktobe entrepreneurs received support under the government program amounting to more than 8 billion tenge Also 92 subsidy contracts and 12 guarantee contracts were signed with them.