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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Meeting of RCC

December 13, 2012 6:39 pm

9 projects of local entrepreneurs on subsidizing interest rate, including 2 projects with use of bank loans guaranteeing tool was approved at the meeting of Regional Coordinating Council under the "Business Road Map 2020" Program in Aktobe.

In particular, six out of nine projects are related to the acquisition of vehicles and machinery. These are such enterprises as «Business Navigator Ltd" Ltd., "Trans Service" Ltd., "Auto" Ltd., SP "Manatbaykyzy S.", SP "Boychyuk M.V.", SP "Nurzhanov E.N."

In particular, "Business Navigator Ltd." Ltd. takes under the "Business Roadmap - 2020" Program vehicle for organizing Outdoor trainings, mobility of serving business support centers. The company today has business support center in Aytekebiy district, which services about 50 entrepreneurs. In 2013, Ltd. plans to open BSC in Khromtau, Kargaly and Shalkar districs.

3 out of 9 projects are in the health sector. Thus, SP "Zhanabaev N." plans to open a dental office under the state program on A.Moldagulova avenue. Today, the entrepreneur has a dental clinic "Nurgul", ​​294 square meters in the 11th micro district. For activities expansion entrepreneur acquires commercial real estate and dental equipment under the "Business Roadmap" Program. The total project cost is 26 million tenge, of which 6 million tenge - are entrepreneur's own funds.

"Dr. Feelgood and K" Ltd. also received approval of RCC. In particular, Ltd. was established in March 2005. The clinic, located in the area of business center "Capital Plaza" provides medical services to the population, it employs narrow specialists , biochemical and clinical laboratoriesare functioning, there is also a hospital for in-patients. Clinic will purchase medical equipment worth 22.4 million tenge under the state program with subsidized interest rates, of which 2.4 million tenge are own funds, and the rest - borrowed.

"BIOS" Ltd. - center of immune and extracorporeal detoxification is receiving another credit under the "BRM 2020" Program with interest rate subsidies. For today the center is equipped with modern equipment, which allows conducting high-quality dialysis. There are 15 artificial kidney systems, which allow besides standard hemodialysis to conduct continuous renal replacement therapy, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration. Company acquires new medical equipment, costing 34.3 million tenge, of which 30 million tenge are loans at subsidized interest rates under the "Business Road Map 2020" Program.