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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Christmas gifts from "BTA Bank" JSC in the framework of "Damu-Komek"

December 28, 2012 4:45 pm

In the conference hall of the Karaganda branch of "BTA Bank" JSC on December 27, 2012 was held a solemn presentation of gifts under the "Damu-Komek." Sponsorships were provided to two entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Kenbabin Argyn, born in 1992, a first group disabled. In 2006, in a car accident, he lost his ability to walk. Possession of computer skills coerced young budding entrepreneur's desire to provide computer services at home. Deciding to "not give up" and help his family earn a living, Argin appealed for help to Russia JSC "Fund" Damu" in Karaganda region.

Nakipov Bulat Adylhanovich, 1954g.r. a disability second group of cancer. From October 2011, engaged in business activities, namely, retail sales of consumer goods in particular creams, shampoos, etc. through a leased department store. Persons with disabilities - the entrepreneur was necessary to replenish the working capital for the purchase of goods in connection with which he requested in Russia "Fund" Damu " JSC in Karaganda region to assist in the acquisition of goods for the department in the amount of 60 000 tenge.

At the request of entrepreneurs with disabilities responded management branch of "BTA Bank" JSC in Karaganda. Branch Director Alimkulov Kairat Useinovich solemnly presented to entrepreneurs in the form of a computer presents and material assistance in the amount of 60 000 tenge.

Flattered by the attention and unexpected dreams, entrepreneurs thank all who responded and helped them to realize their plans, gave them the opportunity to improve family well-being. These gifts are for them a source of livelihood. They are, despite the fact that they have a disability, work, using their talents and skills. Understandable, because disability benefits are not enough for all, and a family to feed! So they found a way out. In response, the KU Alimkulov said - "Many of the people with disabilities applied to the Fund "Damu" are the example of incredible strength and fortitude. I believe that supporting them by fate born or become disabled, creating the conditions for their fulfillment, we must at the same time to help themselves and to society as a whole to become stronger and more confident."