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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Interview with director of Almaty regional branch: "Business Roadmap-2020" Program fully satisfies the expectations.

January 14, 2013 6:24 pm

On the results and effectiveness of the state support of entrepreneurship in the Almaty region, achievements, and plans for the future, says director of the regional branch of Fund "Damu" Rinat Taltusov.

Setting ambitious goals, the state, as a person, creates the tools to achieve them. And if the performance of the republic until 2030 has been fulfilled early, it is logical was the birth of a new objective - "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050 ": a new policy of an established state." In his last address to the nation, President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed in 2030 to double the share of small and medium business in Kazakhstan's economy, and by 2050, this sector has become predominant. The head of state asked the main trends of development of Kazakhstan open up scope for business growth and efficiency.

Rinat Aldashevich, a tool designed to provide a solution to the tasks set by the Head of the State, was the state program "Business Road Map-2020". Please tell us about its implementation in the Almaty region?

- In Almaty region on the program "Business Roadmap-2020" is known to many people, large enough segment of the population involved in the business, showing interest in it. To do this, the region is extensive information and practical work. A few figures to confirm about 50 billion tenge poured into the economy Zhetysu in investment and financial resources, more than 34 billion tenge "improved the" problem of production, about 150 companies have received financial support from the state. In general, today is safe to say that the Program "Business Road Map-2020" justifies the hopes pinned on her leadership. Adopted in difficult times of crisis, today it provides powerful results. However, the figures here speak for themselves. During the three years of the program in Kazakhstan saved 136,000 jobs, more than that, moreover, created 31,000 jobs.

Despite the fact that the Almaty region on the number of rural residents is the second largest in the country - 1 420 000 villagers and the urban population of the region is only 23.5%, that is, does not apply to industrial regions, the region has made a breakthrough in investments in fixed assets - a preliminary increase of 44%, the share of investments from its own funds amounted to more than half of the business. And, as a consequence, there was an increase of taxes to the local budget by 19.9% ​​over the year. This in turn means that the expansion of social programs, reducing unemployment, increasing prosperity local people.
Total from 2010-2012 in the Almaty region approved in one direction - 126 projects worth $ 39.72 billion tenge in 2 directions - 23 projects worth 37.09 billion tenge and in 3 directions - 6 projects worth $ 9.58 bn.

It is known that most of the projects supported by the program, "BRM-2020" - a project for the organization of trading activities. But keep in mind that selling, for example, Chinese products, Chinese manufacturers, we support and develop their economies. Not whether the Kazakh state program for the economies of other countries?

- Indeed, as the front, trade attracted many high capital turnover, and a fairly good level of profitability, and nothing wrong with that. But it is worth noting that the "lion's" share - 43% of the financial resources of the program is directed to the manufacturing sector. Indeed, that's enough to be "raw materials appendage"! We are able to produce high quality goods and products, both for domestic consumption and for export. Just to eliminate this "bank" in a separate area, and enhanced support for selected exporters. Projects, export-oriented industries in the Almaty region until six, but the amount of funding for the development of about 10 billion. Only in the region to support exporters loan portfolio of over 13 billion tenge to the limit is still very far away. For the first time in the history of the independent republic abroad sent batteries and metal - previously submitted materials and scrap, Balkhash fish and transport services now export product, and can be proud of, as well as exporting companies: «Kaynar Bank», «Zhersu Power», «Bayserke Agro», «Stynergy», «Ulken Balik».

Much attention is paid to transport, storage (15%), agriculture (7%), tourism, health and education (about 5%). Along with investing in the state cheaper credit, active system of guarantees and subsidized leases.

As far as I know, The "BRM-2020" supports not only financially, but more attention is education, both beginners and existing entrepreneurs. How such an approach is justified?

- Today the purposes of the Fund have reached a qualitatively new stage - to raise the culture of entrepreneurship in the global level. And judging by the fact that more and more people are taking part in the Fund "Damu", the purpose of this very real. After all, financial resources alone do not bring added value, with the exception of usury. Very much - profitability, productivity, return on investment and business performance - depends on the person who is "in charge." Therefore, a whole range of areas to increase knowledge, skills and competences have been successfully implemented in the past year in Zhetysu. More than 1,700 people attended free seminars "Business Advisor", about 100 entrepreneurs were trained at the University of Nazarbayev and the Academy "Turan Profi" foreign training was organized for business in Germany and the U.S.

As you know, beyond the dry statistics are the real people's lives, companies, and industries. After all the money themselves "the people cannot feed", they still have to be transformed into equipment, machinery, raw materials, and new jobs with a stable salary, services and products. I believe that in the implementation of "BRM-2020" is present and "educational" element, changing priorities and thinking of Kazakh businessmen, the transformation of the business area of ​​trade in manufacturing.
In conclusion, we note the consolidated work on implementation of the "Business Road Map-2020" Zhetysu business, professional and social associations, department of business and industry area, district and city administrations, the media, the party "Nur Otan" and "Ak Jol". With the joint efforts, conducted systematic work on promotion of public support measures for businesses, was made more than 20 proposals for improvement of the Programme.