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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Burdens to the development of private medicine in Kazakhstan

February 15, 2013 6:31 pm

According to experts, the level of the healthcare system today is defined exactly to the level of private health care. This idea was presented at the first forum of private medical institutions of Kazakhstan, held in Almaty on February 8-9.

The forum was organized by the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Companies "for the quality of medical services". People engaged in the sphere of finance, “Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu" JSC, "BankCenterCredit", "Sberbank" of Kazakhstan, and, of course, representatives of the private clinics, medical centers and companies engaged in supply of equipment took part at the forum.

Since the purpose of Fund "Damu" is a comprehensive development entrepreneurship, foundation staff members are involved in many activities related to the development of small and medium business in Kazakhstan. Fund "Damu" closely monitors and participates in public discussions that come in a variety of sectors to understand what is required today for business development, and offer businesses efficient use of financial and non-financial instruments of state support.

The main issues of the forum were: the role and place of medical companies in the development of the health system, fair competition in the field of medical practice, medical marketing. Private health care entrepreneurs explain that today is not effective to build new hospitals, when we do not have specialists. Nowadays health professionals and require highly advanced equipment to provide quality medical services.

According to Leila Dayrbayeva, executive director of the Association for Health Development in Kazakhstan, we need to offer the state effective mechanisms of cooperation of private and public health care, such as those operating in developed and highly developed countries. The Association encourages the state to give the public a choice of medical services between private and public health care. In connection with what the entrepreneurs of private medicine ask state to allow them to provide health services in part or entirely by public funds.

Minister of Health of Turkey, Mr. Tahsin Eser conducted a speech at the forum. In his report, he noted that in Turkey focusing on the development of private healthcare is where the state pays for services not only to public hospitals and private health care companies, so the health care market in Turkey is world class JCI (Joint Commission International), and the country develop medical tourism.

Member of the board of the Association Kuanysh Kerimkulov suggested entrepreneurs to follow the example of the private health care companies such as «Dostar Honey", LLP «MGM - STAN» LLC and "Medical and Diagnostic Center "Sunkar" to become parties to the state program "Business Road Map-2020", which is implemented by Fund "Damu" - and thus expand the range of services and improve quality.

The program "Business Road Map 2020" (“BRM-2020”) private clinics can reduce the cost of their services by such instruments of state support as subsidies. Also, representatives explained that banks are willing to finance real investment of private medical institutions in the provision of guarantees Fund "Damu". Warranty - This is also one of the tools of state support in the “BRM-2020” program, which allows financial institutions to share risks on loans with the state.