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Fourth Entrepreneurship support center has been opened in East Kazakhstan region

March 16, 2013 6:36 pm

March 15 in the town of Ridder East Kazakhstan region Entrepreneurship support center Entrepreneurship support center (ESC) has been opened by the Fund "Damu".

Before ESCs have already been opened on November 15 last year in the cities of Zyryanovsk and Serebriansk, East Kazakhstan region. ESC opening is the part of the program on mono-towns development. Fund "Damu", in turn, developed a concept for the development of Competence Centers for entrepreneurs.

According to this concept, a three-tier system for providing comprehensive services to entrepreneurs was introduced: at the level of regional cities ESC - Business Service Centers, in mono ESC - Business Support centers and in areas MESC - Mobile entrepreneurship support center.

ESC services range covers the entire process of business - from registration to effective management of business. Businessmen are provided by free legal assistance: consultations on staff recruitment, accounting and tax matters.

It should be noted that at the present time within the regional branch in Ust-Kamenogorsk there is ESC, where over 2,000 entrepreneurs were consulted.

Oleg Belyaev, director of "Auto-Fort" company (Ridder): "Opening of this center reduces the distance between the entrepreneur and the state. Entrepreneurs in our city no longer need not cover the distance of 100 km to receive consulting services. Today, consulting is becoming more affordable. On behalf of the businessmen of Ridder I would like to thank you for the opening of the ESC "

Talking about mobile centers (MESC) - it is specially equipped buses, in which the team of Fund “Damu” implement visits, delivering free consultations. In East Kazakhstan region MESC will open in April.

Address of the ESC: 12 Semipalatinsk st., Ridder city.