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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Expert from Canada has visited The Pavlodar Pipe Rolling Plant

July 29, 2014 4:11 pm

Reporters of Pavlodar region visited LLP "Pavlodar Pipe Rolling Plant" - a company that has received support under the program "Business Road Map 2020". Within the project "Senior experts" Canadian expert Richard Haden helps companies to move to standards ISO 9000 and 14000.

The "Senior experts" provides an opportunity to invite to the production of high qualified foreign experts for free. Managers’ and the Canadian expert on the development of Richard Hadden’s views are coincide and therefore cooperation will be productive. The amount of consultants of such a high level in Kazakhstan is extremely small, therefore metallurgists are very happy. Help is really needed in order to constantly evolve. Moreover, production workers have clear targets for import substitution.

For Richard Hadden the participation in an international project is also a debut, despite his tremendous experience and own consulting business. When he retired, he had an opportunity to travel around the world and help small companies to achieve certification ISO 9000 and 14000, to share experiences. For the first trip he had chosen Kazakhstan not by chance - our countries have already established long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Currently production engineer at Pavlodar only observes and studies technologies. However , about the quality of local products he responds positively .

"All enterprises of this industry are about the same all over the world, but there are small differences in the process. Within a few days of working here, I found that buyers do not complain about the quality of the of the goods and the delivery. I believe that our cooperation will develop local SME "- says Richard Hadden.

Pavlodar Pipe Rolling Plant - the first company that produces steel pipes in Kazakhstan. These products are in great demand in the fields of heat and water, as well as in pipelines. Therefore, the plant is always in a market. However, in order to expand and modernize, we need not only investments but also competent consultants. Therefore, self-titled project with government support came in very handy.

"The demand for this product in our country is very high, but the production does not up to standards, and there are a lot of imported products nowadays. It is not our first year in the market, before the opening of the plant have been trading metal for a long time, pipes were brought, and then we decided to establish domestic production. We need from our Canadian expert a comprehensive proposal in any direction - any tips or implementation. They will bring us a favor, because production is relatively young and almost all of the processes in the development stage, "- says the company's director Ruslan Aryngazin.