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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

42 entrepreneurs with disabilities received Kazkom grant support.

August 5, 2014 6:23 pm

On the 5th of august in Almaty, were determined the winners of the first round of the contest “Zhuldyzdarga kara” - “Posmotri na zvezdy”, which is held together with “Damu” fund and KKB corporate foundation “Kus Zholy” financially supported by KKB in order to develop the business of people with disabilities.

The winners of the first round of the contest in Almaty and the winners of non-repayable grants of 100, 150 and 200 thousand tenge were four people: Vladislav V. Shevchenko, Kunanbayev Erken Kanatzhanovich, Butpaev Zhaslan Tanirbergenovich and Omargaliev Sagat Sayatovich.

In 2014, the total fund of the project for the payment of cash grants for the implementation of 80 best business ideas of entrepreneurs with disabilities was doubled - up to 16 million tenge by Kazkommertsbank. Amount per grant is 100 thousand tenge, while now the participants have the opportunity to receive up to 200 thousand tenge, depending on the project. The decision on the possibility of increasing the upper limit for the grant was made ​​by the organizers of the competition, taking into account the wishes of the participants of last year, as well as changes in economic conditions, in particular, the rise in business equipment. The number of possible grant winners during the year as it was decided to increase up to 80 people, while in the previous period of the project there were 60 people.

Besides participation in the contest, all applicants, regardless, will be they winners or not, could get free training courses on business planning and conduct of business in the regional offices of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu". This was an additional help in developing their own business for entrepreneurs with disabilities. This year more than half of the applicants were trained under the "Business Advisor" program of "Damu" Fund.

Applications with business ideas are taken by regional branches of the Fund "Damu" in 14 regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in the cities of Astana and Almaty. Only in the first round by the judges was considered 132 applications, the winners were 42 people. Particular activity was shown by entrepreneurs from the regions of Kazakhstan.

The project "Zhuldyzdarga kara" - "Posmotri na zvezdy" is held in the form of the contest in two rounds. Entrepreneurs with disabilities who are not able to participate in the first round, can try their force and apply in the second round of the project. Accepting applications for the second round will be held from September 1 to October 26, 2014. Participants of the project can be adult citizens of Kazakhstan, which is assigned to a group of disability that start or are already engaged in self-employed people (with the date of the registration certificate of IE not earlier than 01.01.2012).

Key project milestones:

The project of corporate charity fund "Қus Zholy" "Posmotri na zvezdy" is being implemented since 2005. Over 8 years on the development of the business applied for more than 860 people with disabilities. On a competitive basis, the grant fund "Қus Zholy" were 287 people. Moreover, the most active - 29 people - have received incentive grants for the successful realization of the idea and purpose of the grant application.

In the future, the idea grew into a project to support the entrepreneurial activity of persons with disabilities with a view to their social adaptation and the financial independence. Kazkommertsbank also participated in the program of non-financial support for people with disabilities "Damu-Komek" - in 2011, for the first time in conjunction with the Fund "Damu" spent one-time action on the awarding of 33 sewing machines for disabled entrepreneurs in 14 regions of the country. In 2012, the fund "Қus Zholy", Kazkommertzbank and Fund "Damu" decided on the implementation of the joint project "Zhuldyzdarga kara" - "Posmotri na zvezdy" to support new entrepreneurs with disabilities.

For reference:

In addition to the administrative and technical support of the project, "Posmotri na zvezdy" since 2009 "Damu" Fund implementing its own national program for non-financial support of people with disabilities "Damu-Komek." Under this program, the Fund "Damu" does not provide funding and acts as a link between entrepreneurs with disabilities and potential sponsors and lenders. Through the site collects applications from people with disabilities, in which they indicate the list of goods and services needed to conduct business. In parallel, through this web site and search for sponsors willing to provide charitable support to people with disabilities upon request. As of 10 July 2014 on the site of the program were taken 1,463 applications, targeted sponsorship provided to 1,074 applicants, including 650 women entrepreneurs. In addition, in all regional branches of the Fund entrepreneurs with disabilities are assisted as legal advice, as well as advice on business issues.

Charitable Foundation "Қus Zholy" was founded in 2004, KKB top managers implement corporate social responsibility. Fund budget is formed from deductions from net income, as well as voluntary contributions from employees, partners and clients. The Fund has a clear strategy for the charity and the principles of its implementation. Implementing projects across the country through the branches of KKB.