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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The winners of the second round of “Look at the stars” project received grants in Kostanay region

January 5, 2015 6:41 pm

The grants were awarded to disabled entrepreneurs on New Year Eve in Kostanay on December 24 and in Karasu district of Kostanay region on December 30. Three entrepreneurs with special needs Dykalo Anton, Pichugina Yuliya and Tulegenov Seilkhan received grants on developing and enlarging business ideas. These grants were given in the framework of charitable, joint project of “Damu” Fund and Kazkommertsbank’s corporate charitable foundation "Kus Zholy" - "Look at the stars".

Anton Dykalo is a young first-time entrepreneur, disabled of the 2nd disability category, dealing with donuts baking in Rudniy city. Anton started his business due to grant of developing program in monotowns in 2014. Anton bought all necessary equipment, found raw suppliers, made his own recipe and started baking. Anton also offers coffee to his clients. Having known of the project “Look at the stars” Anton applied for a grant. Grant in the amount of 113 131 tenge was necessary for buying a mixer for milkshake production and a freezer for food storage. The project was approved.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Kazkommertsbank’s charitable foundation “Kus Zholy” and “Damu” Fund, in particularly to consultants of Entrepreneurship Support Centers in Rudniy city, where I applied for participation in contest. I could not imagine I would get one more grant this year and acquire required equipment. The program “Look at the stars” inspired hopes and make dreams come true.

Pichugina Yuliya was born in 1980. In 1996 became disabled of the 2nd disability category. She is planning to start her own knitting business. The grant in the amount of 200 000 tenge was necessary to buy knitting machine, yarn and all necessary equipment.

“I started knitting in my childhood. Some ideas I take from Internet, some are created by me. I had known about the project and applied for a grant in the Entrepreneurship Support Centers in Karasu region. The grant will help me to do what I like. To create beautiful things, sell them and get profit. Participation in this project ensured me and gave hope to start my own business. I address to the disabled people, it is possible to overcome social disparity by realizing your own business ideas.

Tulegenov Seilkhan disabled of the third disability category and has education in construction area. He is planning to repair flats, do installation and construction work. Grant is necessary for buying electrical tools and other necessary equipment. The amount of grant is 160 866 tenge.

“With help of grant we got all necessary equipment, as a result we are able to provide more services, serve more customers. My plans are to create additional working places, which enables me to hire more people with special need as I am. I can share my experience and knowledge with them. Due to this project disabled entrepreneurs get hope to make their dreams come true. Based on my experience I advise to such entrepreneurs to be braver, take part in competitions, and get financial assistance in a form of grants. I’d like to thank the “Damu” Fund, charitable foundation “Kus Zholy” and consultants of the Entrepreneur’s service center in Lisakovsk city. Due to them I had a chance to apply for a grant and become a winner.”

Overall in Kostanay region within the "Look at the stars" project" 6 grants were given in 2014. We hope that entrepreneurs, who have received grants to implement their business ideas, get on their feet strongly and gain a foothold in their chosen niche. We wish you good luck and hope!