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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The program to support medium-sized enterprises in pilot mode starts in Atyrau region

January 27, 2015 6:15 pm

On January 22, regional akimat of Atyrau region held a meeting with export - oriented companies in the region with participation of director of strategy and priority projects department of JSC "National Managment Holding "Baiterek" Dauren Sabdenov, managing director - member of the board of the "Damu" Fund Miras Beisembaev, managing director of the National Agency for Technological Development (NATD) Baurzhan Alin and director of marketing and sales department of the Corporation "KazExportGarant" Askar Dzhumadilov.

At the meeting the program to support medium-sized enterprises was presented to representatives of the businesses. The program aims to provide comprehensive support to local entrepreneurs to improve their competitiveness. Implementation of this program will solve the following problems:

1. Modernization of the enterprises to increase the volume of industrial production.

2. Development of export - oriented enterprises.

3. Support for enterprises producing import-substituting products.

4. Creation of new workplaces.

According to Dauren Sabdenov, the first year will be a pilot one, and it is decided to start with the three industries: agriculture, machinery and production of construction materials. In the future it is planned to involve other sectors of the economy.

Submission of applications for participation in the program will be carried out on the principle of "one window" in the regional branches of the "Damu" Fund. An in-depth analysis of companies will be carried out after the selection of the participants. It is planned to collect data, to have a meetings with management to discuss the objectives, challenges and opportunities for growth.

Next there will be an accelerated complex expertise with the assessment of financial statements, market opportunities and state of the enterprise.

According to the analysis there will be picked up an individual support package, including financial tools, consulting support and coordination of interaction with government agencies.

As a financial tool there will be offered current existing tools of the Holding: direct lending from Development Bank of Kazakhstan(DBK), interbank lending from "Damu" Fund and DBK, subsidies for interest rate from "Damu" Fund, export insurance from "KazExportGarant", grants from NATD. If it’s required, these existing tools of the Holding will be reviewed.

These financial tools can be provided in the package based on the needs of companies. For example, the package on the "export support" or package "capital costs", etc.

Consulting support also will be based on the needs of the company, and will include support for the choice of partners, the definition of export markets, etc.