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First guarantee in Uralsk this year issued for the project of kindergarten construction

January 29, 2015 9:10 am

Guarantee on a loan of individual entrepreneur Aydar Kupisov was approved these days in Uralsk. Aydar formalizes a bank loan to purchase real estate in order to open a private kindergarten in the Michurino village in Zelenovsky area. It is planned that the kindergarten will be equipped with playgrounds and a swimming pool.

Within successful realization of the project by state support 35 new jobs will be created, which allows to improve the social situation of the rural population. Significantly that Aydar Kupisov’s project is the first in 2015 socially minded project.

“Without doubt I decided to open up a privet kindergarden in my village, when once I was visiting entrepreneurs’ service center, where I was advised to take “Damu” Fund’s guarantee to cover bank loan and to reduce the price of it, at the same time, within the state program "Business Road Map-2020. My old dream slowly begins to realize. I have always dreamed of opening a kindergarden, and bring joy and a smile to children. For me, the children - is a big nation, for the sake of whom it is pleasant to work "- said entrepreneur.