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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Holding “Baiterek” presents a new support program for medium-sized enterprises for entrepreneurs from Almaty

January 29, 2015 10:45 am

On January 27, a new program of support of medium-sized enterprises "Leaders of the competitiveness of Kazakhstan" was presented for entrepreneurs from South capital by Managing Director, Member of Managing Board of "Baiterek" Holding Kanysh Tuleushin in Akimat of Almaty city.

According to Kanysh Tuleushin, "Baiterek" Holding has developed a special program of support for the medium-sized businesses on purpose. "According to recent studies, the mid-sized enterprises are the most stable source of economic growth. The contribution of 2% of the companies, who are medium-sized enterprises, accounts for 30% of GDP and 30% of job creation. During the crisis of 2007-2010 mid-sized enterprises were creating jobs, while big enterprises was reducing the volume and workplaces respectively, "- he said.

The program aims to provide complex support to local entrepreneurs to improve their competitiveness. As the result of the support, the participants of the program are expected to increase key performance indicators.

The first year will be a pilot one, and it is decided to start with the three industries: agriculture, machinery and production of construction materials. In the future it is planned to involve other sectors of the economy. All applications for participation in the program must be submitted to the regional branches of the "Damu" Fund.

Till the end of March the selection of the companies will take place all over Kazakhstan, after which the in-depth analysis of companies will be carried out, and its results will determine necessary support measures.

By the results of the analysis an individual support package will be chosen, including financial tools, consulting support and coordination of interaction with government agencies. The current tools of the Holding will be revised, if necessary.

As financial tools current existing tools of the Holding will be offered: direct lending from Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK), interbank lending from "Damu" Fund and the DBK, subsidies for interest rates from "Damu" Fund, export insurance from "KazExportGarant", grants from NATD and direct investments. Consulting support also will be based on the needs of the company, and will include support for the choice of partners, the determination of export markets, etc.

Kanysh Tuleushin noted that significant amount of costs will be funded by the Holding, including the attraction of international consultants. At the same time, some part of the costs for staff training companies will cover by themselves.

The presentation of the program evoked active interest of the attending entrepreneurs. Many raised concerns about the fact that their enterprises may not fit the status of medium-sized enterprises by number of criteria defined by law. However, the Managing Director of "Baiterek" Holding assured the participants that an individual approach will be applied for all calls for application in order to cover as widely as possible the real sector of medium-sized enterprises.

Majority of attendees are closely familiar with the financial tools of the state support and are either participants of the "Business Road Map 2020" program or have received soft loans at 6% from the funds of the National Fund. Therefore, the financial block didn’t cause specific questions from entrepreneurs. However, many owners of enterprises, especially in manufacturing, have a very acute problem of the lack of technical personnel: qualified engineers, technologists and others. In this regard, entrepreneurs suggested including the educational projects and professional training tools to the new program.

Kanysh Tuleushin assured that this problem is well known to "Baiterek", and a new program to support medium-sized enterprises will necessarily include projects on training and education, not only for managers, but also for the technical staff of enterprises.