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Arkalyk entrepreneur with disabilities received an incubator for eggs as a gift

February 23, 2015 6:46 pm

In February 2015, Kassymov Almat made a request to assist in the purchase of an incubator for eggs to the representation of the "Damu" Fund in Arkalyk city. Thanks to the program "Damu-Komek" request of Kassymov Almat was put on site

Kassymov Almat - disabled of 2nd groups. Despite the hard lines and lost health, Almat not only continues to live a full life, brining up two sons, but also opened his own businesses. He is the head of his little collective farming, which is engaged in cultivation of goats, geese, and ducks at his farmstead. Every year in spring time Almat purchases chickens imported from Astana and other regions, and it is very expensive. It is difficult take root in another region if chicks hatched in other climatic conditions. Therefore Almat planned to hatch chicks at his farmstead.

The appeal for help, through the "Damu" Fund was responded by individual entrepreneur from Arkalyk Abdikadiruly Sabit. So, on 20 February in Almaty city Almat received incubator for eggs, which he was dreamed about.

"Many thanks" to “Damu” Fund, by the help of whom I had sponsorship!" - says Almaty.