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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Four entrepreneurs with disabilities received sewing machines within the framework of "Damu-Komek" program in Almaty region

March 18, 2015 6:49 pm

Thanks to support program for entrepreneurs with disabilities "Damu-Komek", residents of Karasay district of Almaty region Gulzat Askarova, Zhanar Aymbetova, Sundetyll Zhanbauov and Gulmira Saekeshova got sponsorship - multifunctional sewing machines.

Skills and abilities in sewing business, and, most importantly, the desire to work and have a steady income for their families now allows them to organize domestic work on clothing repair and tailoring of textile products.

On March 17 machines was handed to emergent entrepreneurs by "Damu" Fund employees on behalf of the sponsors.

Sponsors, directors of LLP "Aykul" and «Carline», Serikhan Adilhanov and Lubov Omasheva respectively, lead a dynamic company; actively develop socially-oriented business. They are engaged in business for many years and know how hard it is sometimes a healthy person to work in the field of entrepreneurship.

Serikhan Adilhanov engaged in the restaurant business, is a member of the district Maslikhat. Constantly provides comprehensive assistance to the poor, orphans and the disabled. Recently, becoming the participant the regional competition "Ak dastarkhan" and winning the first place, he handed all the prize fund to orphans and children from poor families.

«Carline» company is a reliable and a major supplier of construction materials and installation of metal hardware, reinforced concrete structures on large areas, such as the construction of the railway Zhetygen-Khorgas, Altynkol International station in the south, railway and industrial and civilian objects in areas of Shalkar, Beineu in the west.

Earlier, there are 120 entrepreneurs with disabilities got a sponsorship support within the "Damu-Komek" program.

For reference:

The "Damu-Komek" program is a non-financial support to disabled entrepreneurs developed by JSC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu".

Under this program, "Damu" Fund acts as a link between existing and emergent entrepreneurs with disabilities facing particular problems in doing business or starting their own businesses, and organizations (including individuals), which have real opportunities to address the problems of persons with disabilities, showing entrepreneurial initiative.