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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

Automatization has created new spheres of services

February 10, 2015 6:45 pm

IE “Reamgo CRM” provide services in sales and marketing automation by means of a special program Reamgo CRM.

Marat Medeubekov is the head of IE started his business after participation in “Business-Advisor” courses in Almaty.

- Tell us about your company and what is CRM?

- CRM - is a model of interactions, according to this model a customer is the center of business and the main trends of activity are measures for support of effective marketing, sales and customer services. Our company “” provides services in sales and marketing automation by means of a special program Reamgo CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Due to Reamgo CRM, entrepreneurs have possibility to analyze, forecast sales amount, control business effectiveness, client’s base, history sales, manage risks.

- Tell us about history of your business?

- I have been dealing with CRM since 2011. It was the period I worked in Alliance Bank and was introducing active sales method (telemarketing). Our company was able to get high results due to that monitoring, efficiency sales assay method. That time I realized the fact CRM – is a tool to accelerate and control the majority of processes. As a result I came to the conclusion to start my own business.

- What forced you to start your business?

- I have a lot of friends-entrepreneurs, watching them I think of starting my business. Come to the conclusion to place emphasis on small and middle business, because these enterprises will grow and be main force of Kazakhstan economy.

- Have you participate in special courses?

- I would like to thank the “Damu” Fund managers Laura Oraltaeva and Rauan Raiymbekov, who advised me to complete trainings for entrepreneurs.

I have followed their advice and completed two trainings: two days trainings at “Damu” Fund and long-term trainings at KIMEP University. Knowledge I had got, helped me to understand my possibilities. I would also like to thank Laura and Rauan for not leaving their wards and for informing us of all trainings and events.

- What can you advise to first-time entrepreneurs? What do you recommend them?

- Actually, I am a first-time entrepreneur. I would tell, there are some difficulties, but your motivation will help you. I would advise to be in contact with the “Damu” Fund, to participate in events, complete trainings. I believe the “Damu” Fund is one the most effective organization dealing with entrepreneurs development in Kazakhstan. And do not forget of self-education. Read more and look for your vocation.

You should be patient and have savings for doing your business, you should not wait for a godsend. And of course you should have a plan, whatever you name it, but you ought to have a plan. And it should be real, as at the end it is you to answer for your actions. Results can be achieved only due to your selfless work. Keep that in mind!

- What support would you like to have from the state?

- It is necessary to support innovative projects. The majority of innovative projects face a lot of difficulties: finance, operating questions. I see Kazakhstan’s future connected with high technology. Its applied significance is great, from space to meeting business needs. The most important thing is more actions, less words. Small and middle enterprises I call to look for new methods and tools to do business. You cannot work using old ways. Our company is ready to help you. Address to our company!