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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The Atyrau branch of the Fund “Damu” has announced results for the year 2015

January 12, 2016 6:52 pm

During the past year there were signed 76 subsidy agreements in Atyrau region. 55 projects received guarantees of the fund “Damu” in the amount of 536 mln tenge.

15 top-managers participated in trainings of “Nazarbayev University” under the non-financial support program. 21 entrepreneurs took a part in the project “Business communication”. All of them passed 10-days trainings under supervision of foreign and local business consultants of the “KIMEP” university and the international professional academy “Turan Profy”. Three directors of enterprises from Atyrau region passed free trainings in Germany under the second stage of “Business Communication” program from 12th of April, 2015 until 9th of May, 2015.

Dutch experts consulted two companies from Atyrau (branch of the «Open Clinic» LLP and branch of the «Caspian Constructors Trust» LLP) with issues of management, marketing and human resources.

Center of Entrepreneurs Support (CES) during the past year provided 5,500 services in accounting, legal issues and marketing under the government support program for 4,300 clients. Consultants of the mobile center of entrepreneurs support carried out 38 visits in remote areas of the Atyrau region where they provided 1,400 consultations. The Public Service Center provided 1,158 services.

In 2015 the Atyrau region branch of the fund “Damu” actively supported women entrepreneurship and family business. The branch carried out seminars, trainings, master-classes with the participation of successful women-entrepreneurs who benefitted from the government support.

Under the program “Damu-Komek” during the 2015 eight potential and operating entrepreneurs with limited physical abilities received sponsor support. Directors of LLPs “Doszhan and co” and “SamalNeftStroy” helped with purchase of sewing machines and cobbling equipment for future entrepreneurs.

On an annual basis, the Fund "Damu" together with the Fund "Qus Zholy" held a charity competition "Zhuldyzdarga Qara" (Look at the stars) sponsored by Kazkommertsbank. During the past year, the competition committee examined 9 applications five of which were approved:

- Mukhambetov Amanzhan (Atyrau) - 300 000 tenge for purchasing of sewing machines and tools for the furniture manufacturing;

- Muhanbetova Muldir (Isatay District) - 300 000 tenge for purchasing of a multifunctional device to provide copy service;

- Kuzekeshev Mirman (Atyrau) - 100 000 tenge for purchasing of power tools for the production of woodworks;

- Ishengaziev Kuandik (Isatay District) - 230 000 tenge for purchasing of an office furniture for the provision of computer services, lamination of documents;

- Kurmashev Kaydarbek (makhambet district) - 200 000 tenge for purchasing of an audio system for his cafe.