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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The Akmola region branch of the fund “Damu” has announced results for the year 2015

January 25, 2016 5:10 pm

The Akmola regional branch of the “Damu” fund has summarized the “Business Road Map 2020” results for the period of the last five years. Since the launch of the program in 2010 355 entrepreneurs have received the interest rate subsidies in the amount of 38.5 billion tenge in the region. In the past year the fund approved 112 projects in the amount of 4.6 billion tenge.

330 entrepreneurs with 24.1 billion tenge projects have received help according to the first “Support of the New Business Ventures” and second “Sectoral Support” directions of the program. In 2015 111 projects in the amount of 4.6 billion tenge got support from the program. In accordance with the third direction “Currency Risks Mitigation” of the program, 25 businessmen have got support in the amount of 14.79 billion tenge. One project got help in the amount of 0.8 million tenge in 2015.

Officers of the Akmola branch of the fund noted that the entrepreneurs support instrument “Loans Guarantee” became the most popular in the past year. Overall in the region the guarantee support have received 103 entrepreneurs, which includes 62 projects that were approved and guaranteed in 2015. It is two times greater than in 2014.

Moreover, the “Damu” fund not only gives financial support to the SME business but also provides non-financial help. In 2015 the Center of Entrepreneurs Support officers provided 6,673 consultations in marketing, law, accounting and licensing procedures. They assisted in creation of 85 business-plans, 20 of which were approved and about ten are being on approval in the banks. The CES Mobile office provided 794 consultations to 598 clients. Most of the clients became permanent customers and enjoy being served at the CES. The most popular issues of consultations are tax reporting, preparation of contracts and statutory books.

64 top-managers participated in the trainings of “Nazarbayev University” under the “Top Management Education” program during the last five years, 17 of them were trained in 2015. In the first stage of the “Business Communication” program participated 124 entrepreneurs, 20 of them in 2015. In the second stage 25 entrepreneurs of the region have got foreign internship. Five missions have been realized under the “Senior Experts” program. During the past year assistance of foreign experts received two companies of the region.

In 2015 the “Damu” fund launched the pilot program of support of young entrepreneurs’ start-ups. Participants of the program were young people in the age under 29 y.o. Competitors that passed the first stage of the program could attend four-days trainings where business-trainer told them in details how they can fund start-up capital and where they can find investors and other issues coming from start-up inception. Those who passed the second stage received consultations from CES officers and help in business-plan creation. Two startupers became winners of the contest and were granted with 300- and 200 thousand tenge awards for development of their own business.