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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

The "Damu" Fund has awarded the winners of promotional event "Success is guaranteed-2!"

March 4, 2016 6:34 pm

The "Damu" Fund held a ceremony awarding the winners of "Success guaranteed-2!", which has been held for the second time.

The promotional event started at the beginning of 2014, has proved its effectiveness in 2015 and was continued under the name of "Success is guaranteed-2!". Participants of promotional event are individual managers of partner banks of the Fund as well as financial institutions themselves, which actively works with the guarantee for loans to small and medium-sized businesses. The main selection criteria - the number of signed guarantees contracts in 2015 and the lack of a problem loans in participant’s portfolio.

"It is becoming a tradition for the "Damu" Fund to hold the awards ceremony "Success is guaranteed", because the motivation program has been operating successfully for over two years - noted in his opening speech Chairman of the Board of the "Damu" Fund Kanysh Tuleushin. – Over this period, 1384 guarantee agreements for a total amount of 18, 4 billion tenge have been concluded as the result of our joint effective work. If we compare the results of 2015 with 2014 year, the total amount of the guarantee agreements concluded within the framework of the program, more than doubled and amounted to 945 projects with a total sum 11.05 billion. The figures speak for themselves"

The winners of the promotional event "Success is guaranteed-2!" became 16 bank employees, three managers of the "Damu" Fund and the top five banks, which showed the most impressive results of operation on the guarantee instrument in 2015.

Within first nomination "The best credit bank manager working with guarantees" the "Damu" Fund assesses the personal efficiency of the credit managers from different banks and different regions. The following eight best credit managers were recognized within this category:

- Rinat Razynov- regional branch of "Sberbank" in the North-Kazakhstan region;

- Daurenbek Zhusupov - regional branch of "Sberbank" in Akmola region;

- Edward Sakebaev- regional branch of "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" in Aktobe region;

- Raushan Kusherbaeva- regional branch of "Sberbank" in Atyrau region;

- Aidos Aubakirov - regional branch of "Sberbank" in the East Kazakhstan region;

- Rustem Abdrakhmanov - the regional branch of "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" in Zhambyl region;

- Gulmira Temirgaliev - regional branch of "Sberbank" in the West Kazakhstan region;

- Berik Metchinov - regional branch of "Sberbank" in Astana.

Within the category "The best director of the regional branch working with the guarantees of the "Damu" Fund” the effectiveness of regional branches’ directors of the bank, responsible for the sector of small and medium-sized businesses were assesses. 192 heads of structural divisions of the partner banks of the "Damu" Fund competed within this nomination on performance of guarantee instrument. There are also eight winners have been identified within this nomination:

- Asel Mahmutova- director of the branch of JSC "Sberbank" in Akmola region;

- Dilara Seythan - director of the branch of JSC "Sberbank" in Atyrau region;

- Adia Kulboldinova - the chief of small business department, branch of JSC "Sberbank" in the East Kazakhstan region;

- Nurlan Abilkairov - director of the branch of JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" in Zhambyl region;

- Nurzhan Mendygaliev - the chief of small business department - the branch of JSC "Sberbank" in WKO;

- Erlan Akhmetov - Head of sales center to small business, branch of JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" in Kostanay region;

- Bauyrzhan Rakhimzhanov - Director of "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" in Kyzylorda region;

- Nikolay Protasov- head of the small and medium business development department, branch of the JSC "Sberbank" in SKO.

Within third category success of employees of the "Damu" Fund’s regional branches were evaluate, on the effectiveness and inclusiveness of which largely depends implementation of the program, because they know the history of each customer and accompany them at all stages of the program. There are three leaders were determined out of 79 participants in the "Best Manager of the “Damu” Fund’s regional branch" category:

- Dinagul Bazarov from Aktobe region - 35 guarantee agreements concluded for a total amount of 428 464 930 tenge;

- Karla Zhaksygulova from Astana has signed 27 guarantee contracts for a total amount of 262 742 232 tenge.

- Oleg Krumin from Karaganda region – has signed 24 guarantee contract in the amount of 336 847 614 tenge over 2015.

Along with the personal awards, the management of the "Damu" Fund noted the five best banks. The two banks were awarded to special nominations:

- "Best social project 2015”. Private Foundation "Zhansaya Abdumalik’s Chess Academy " - JSC “Capital Bank”

- "Debut of the Year" - JSC “Bank Kassa Nova”. If in 2014 Bank signed only three guarantee agreement, in 2015 the Bank has carried out a real breakthrough in lending and signed 44 guarantee agreement.

Finally, the three leaders in the number of guarantees issued in 2015:

- "Best Bank to support microbusiness", the third place - JSC "Bank CenterCredit".

- "Stable cooperation", the second place - JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan".

- And the absolute leader in 2015 in the number and volume of loans with the guarantee of the "Damu” Fund - SB JSC" Sberbank ". During 2015 this bank has signed 265 guarantee agreements for a total amount of 2, 88 billion tenge. "Sberbank" has carried out a breakthrough in 2014, tripling the volume of signed contracts and escaping from third place to first.

The "Damu" Fund’s guarantee enables the entrepreneur to take a credit for business development in the bank if collateral is not enough. Guarantee is provided on new loans for investment, modernization and expansion of production.