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The 5th Business Forum of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), 10-11 of November 2016, Astana, Kazakhstan

First-time entrepreneur produces flats for eggs from recyclable materials in Bukhar-Zhyrau district of Karaganda region

June 7, 2016 6:15 pm

Today individual entrepreneur Askarbek Suleimenov is the only manufacturer of flats for eggs in the Karaganda region. In March 2015 Askarbek appealed to Entrepreneurs service center, where ESC’s consultants provide him full range of project support, starting from writing a business plan and till the approval of project in the bank. In July 2015 AsiaCreditBank issued a loan to entrepreneurs under the guarantee of the "Damu" Fund.

One month later a start-up project of Askarbek Suleimenov has received a guarantee of the "Damu" Fund in the amount of 85% of the loan amount on 20 million tenge. In addition, a bank loan is subsidized by the "Damu" Fund, where 10% interest rate on the loan out of the 14% is payable by the Fund.

The project was funded under the program «Damu regions III». Loan proceeds were used to purchase equipment for production of flats and construction of a conveyor dryer were carried out.

The project was launched earlier this year. At present round-the-clock production is in full swing, 25 residents of the Zarechnoe village works at shift system.

It is very important that the trays are made from recycled materials, namely from waste paper through molding. The line on production of knobby separator allow multiple use of paper pulp, which serves as the starting material for the manufacture of products, thus making the production process is almost wasteless.

In addition to financial support, the entrepreneur receives non-financial support from the "Damu" Fund, increasing its entrepreneurial competence. In May, the businessman received training under the project "Training of top management of SMEs" in the Nazarbayev University within the framework of the Unified program "Business Road Map -2020».

"Given the great demand of Karaganda region‘s poultry farms in the flat for eggs, I decided to engage in this activity, where no one has taken this niche in the region. With the support of the "Damu" Fund my start-up project is being implemented successfully. In the future, we plan to expand and put another production line for the processing of waste paper. Soon I am going to seek the support of the "Damu" Fund again, - reports the first-time entrepreneur.